Ruby On Rails Jobs At Prevail Health

Prevail Health is a leader in technology-based behavioral health and resilience building for a wide range of challenges from depression to PTSD to substance abuse. Prevail’s technology platform provides online care tailored to each individual’s unique clinical and demographic needs. Two clinical trials and tens of thousands of users demonstrated Prevail’s programs are as effective as traditional therapy for 99% less cost. Our vision: We believe in the potential for new technologies to transform the way people build mental resilience. Prevail empowers people to overcome their challenges by providing personalized digital support. Multiple clinical trials have proven that Prevail delivers outcomes similar to traditional care for 99% less cost—and we've demonstrated the same results in the real world with tens of thousands of users. Our programs: Prevail's programs provide personalized support to people with behavioral health challenges, helping them build resilience through a combination of peer coaching, online communities and interactive training. Prevail’s partners and funders are leading academic, scientific, and philanthropic organizations, including the National Science Foundation, U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, Rush University Medical Center, Goldman Sachs Gives, and Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation. Contact:

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