Ruby On Rails Jobs At NuBinary

NuBinary is a Fractional CTO company based in Toronto/Waterloo corridor. It specializes in building custom Cloud and IOT web-scale Applications, Mobile Applications, MicroServices, Cloud Infrastructure and Tech Consulting. We help our customers with Product Development, Market Discovery, Strategy and building customer driven Software Applications. We believe and breath in Agile Software Development and bring about decades of cumulative experience in large scale Cloud, Web and Mobile Application Development. Our fractional CTO service will: -Fill startup CTO position -Excel in product development -Shorten the time to market -Develop a sound product roadmap -Strategize your fundraising Our Venture Jumpstart package offers: -Product Development Process​ -Competitive Analysis -Go-to-market strategy -Positioning for dilutive and non-dilutive funds​ -Product Development Our Full Product Development package includes: -Augmented R&D team -Identifying best R&D grant programs -University collaboration

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