Privacy & Data Policies

We take your privacy and data about you seriously.

Howdy! We here at Ruby Job Board take your privacy very seriously. We collect very little data. We do not sell your personally identifiable data to anyone.


Ruby Job Board is a Rails app (surprise!) and will drop one cookie into your cookie jar, the default Rails cookie. It's named _rails_gigs_session. We still use this cookie because it's the Rails default, and we want to do things like show flash messages occasionally.


We don't use any third-party analytics services. We use some self-hosted analytics. Specifically, we use Andrew Kane's Ahoy gem in GDPR Compliance Mode.

UTM parameters

We use UTM parameters in several places on the site and across the web to get a sense of where traffic is coming from. This shouldn't result in any personally identifiable information.

Email addresses

We don't share your email address except to send you the email through our service provider (currently SendGrid.)

What we use data for

We use the data we collect to understand if we're doing something valuable or not. At some point, we will also share some of this data in aggregate form with employers and the community.


If you think something here is misrepresented or incorrect or feel we've omitted something, please drop us an email?

Created 13 Mar 2021 14:20 UTC