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Posted on June 22nd

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Adracare is a part of the WELL Health Technologies Corp. (TSX: WELL) family and a healthcare technology start-up based in Toronto. Adracare is a robust telehealth-enabled practice management solution designed for outpatient clinics. We provide value to healthcare practitioners by reducing inefficiencies through the elimination of manual processes, enabling patient engagement, optimizing data access, and integrating with other mission-critical healthcare platforms. Our product has a suite of tools, including telemedicine, online booking, and messaging, that simplify the management of their clinics while also making healthcare more accessible and convenient for patients.

Our team is building amazing technology to solve some of the biggest problems in healthcare, problems that impact us all.  And if you’re reading this, you’re looking to make a lasting impact through your work, so join us in our mission to make the world a better place! We’re hiring a Principal Software Engineer to help keep us growing. If you’re excited to be a part of a winning team and solve problems with software that impacts millions of lives, you’re in good company!

For more information about us, please visit or

Position Overview
Adracare is looking to hire an experienced Principal Software Engineer to maintain and upgrade all existing software. The principal software engineer’s responsibilities include recommending adjustments to resolve software issues, improving the functionality of existing software, and ensuring that the design, application, and maintenance of software meets the quality standards of the company. You should also be able to mentor, guide, and train other engineers.

Key Responsibilities
  • Build consensus and drive forward big technical decisions within the practice area and across the engineering team with other practice areas
  • Teach and mentor engineers in technical and non-technical growth, learning, development, and leadership
  • Monitor skills and capabilities of individuals across their discipline and suggest to leadership areas people are exceeding expectations/ready for promotion and could improve/grow
  • Frequently consult with senior engineers, leads, and product on technical solutions
  • Ensure regular architecture reviews with engineers happen and provide constructive feedback during those reviews
  • Develop and/or delegate the development of frameworks, foundational and complex parts of the code base
  • Develop and/or delegate the documentation of technical architecture, tools, and other tech specifications that an engineer would need to effectively do their job
  • Work with individuals on breaking down large projects into smaller pieces so teams can deliver with improved speed and quality
  • Focus on ensuring that all technical and architecture decisions are in service to Adracare achieving our company and team key results as fast and as well as possible
  • Coordinate with Engineering Leadership (meaning Directors, VPs, CTO) to roll out big engineering initiatives and improvements
  • Monitor performance of engineers in their practice area across teams in order to identify inefficiencies and suggest improvements to leads and managers
  • Take large technical projects and break them down into smaller parts for teams to execute
  • Delegate parts of large engineering projects to others and keep teams collectively focused and on track
  • Be an exemplary model for optimism, bringing solutions to surfaced problems, and coaching others to do the same
  • Communicate clear vision and direction for technical decisions of the practice area across the company
  • Identify new opportunities to leverage technologies for the organization and collaborate with CTO to assess and implement them
  • Partner with the CTO to turn business and product strategy into technical strategy, roadmap, and priorities for your practice area
  • Complete and/or delegate R&D, prototyping, and assessment for determining current and future technical solutions
  • Ensure our teams are always architecting and building towards quality, continuous iteration and experimentation, and speed of launching to production
  • Steps up to take leadership of a project or team when needed
  • Be accountable for design and architecture direction by providing feedback and mentoring other engineers within their business unit and working with principal engineers and architects
  • Work with senior managers & directors to ensure engineering effort is focused on the most impactful areas for their business unit
  • Monitor technical performance of engineers in a business unit, and partner with engineering managers and leads on mentoring and growth
  • Develop and constantly refine technical, leadership, and team fit assessments (coding exercises, interview questions, etc.) for interviews across the Engineering organization
  • Lead code/design/architecture reviews across teams and mentor & coach engineers to ensure work follows best practices & standards. Create and evolve business unit wide practices and share with the rest of the
  • Help business unit teammates communicate their design and architecture decisions
  • Acts as a mentor to other senior and staff engineers who are developing their own mentees
  • Provide task definition and design/architecture direction for other engineers
  • Accurately estimate time to complete projects given structure of team and deliver on those estimates
  • Allocate people within a team to maximize output of useful and team-goal-focused engineering work
  • Monitor performance of engineers on team, and partner with engineering managers on mentoring and growth
  • Look for ways to reduce distractions, interruptions, and unplanned work for themselves and others
  • Model bringing solutions to problems (not surfacing problems alone) and teach others on their team how to do the same
  • Ensure code/design/architecture reviews happen on teams and that work follows established best practices and standards
  • Coordinate evaluation of tools and frameworks for the engineering team
  • Works with CTO and other architects to choose new technologies, and promote culture/ process
  • Does serious research to evaluate and test options
  • Understands implications (and trade-offs) of reliability, scalability, operational costs, ease of adoption by organization, recruiting,
  • 7—10 years of experience as a software engineer with leadership responsibilities and experience mentoring senior engineers
  • 3-5 years of building services in Ruby on Rails
  • Prior experience in architecting, building, launching and maintaining complex systems
  • Experience building thoughtfully designed, highly performant API Interfaces
  • Product-centric thinking -- we care just as much about the product experience — ours, our stakeholders', and our company's — as we do the design of our engineering systems.
  • Extensive experience with AWS, Ruby on Rails, and React (Ember would also be great)
  • Experience providing reviews on teammates code and designs, providing constructive feedback to meet a high bar of quality and help others grow
  • Well-developed interpersonal, written and verbal
  • A track record of successfully leading, delivering, and evolving large technical projects and hitting results
  • A track record of solving difficult technical challenges and anticipating technical problems ahead of time
  • The ability and proven desire to successfully collaborate and communicate across teams to drive technical projects to completion
  • The ability to follow several engineering projects across the company and get involved with teams to facilitate delivering results
  • A deep understanding and interest in partnering with the Director in your practice area to turn business and product strategy into technical strategy, roadmap, and priorities for your practice area
  • Demonstrated ability to regularly provide clear, actionable feedback in all directions, finding the appropriate group venues to do so
  • Ability to take a nebulous project, talk to the right people, architect a solution, split it up into tasks, and ultimately get it done quickly and efficiently
  • Ability to diagnose, fix, and coordinate deployment of bug fixes (and do this extremely quickly in emergency situations)
  • A reputation for submitting maintainable code that is well tested for review and QA
  • A reputation for launching quality, turbulence-free code and projects
  • The ability to balance multiple goals across tech/product/strategy/other teams and concerns
  • The ability to take a business unit’s strategic initiative, define projects and work with teams to assign ownership and priority to those
  • The respect and trust of leadership within the company as a strong technical resource for collaborative decisions
  • The ability to work with leadership during an emergency situation to identify and communicate impact and progress
  • A reputation for delivering high quality projects with cross-team
  • A reputation with engineers within the company as a resource for technical, communications and leadership mentorship
  • Demonstrated ability and eagerness to support, advocate, and sponsor for others to step up to take leadership of a project or team
We are committed to supporting a diverse, inclusive, and accessible workplace. We welcome and celebrate the diversity of applicants and team members across ability, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, and perspective. We strive to create an inclusive workplace where difference is celebrated and fuels our success – this is the WELL Way!

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