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Posted on July 27th

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Two Barrels is hiring a Software Engineer. You will be a traditional company employee. This is a full time 40 hour/week position with company benefits. This is a remote position. Our main office is in Spokane WA, and we have satellite offices in Austin TX and Salt Lake City UT. This is a broad role that encompasses a lot of potential skill sets. Keep reading for more details.

At Two Barrels, you will work with a close-knit group of engineers who come from a diverse mix of backgrounds and experiences. We build out exciting new Rails projects, as well as maintain and refactor older Rack-based ones built in “plain old Ruby”. We are constantly evolving, growing and willing to try new technologies and techniques, as long as we meet the business’s needs.

We want someone who is eager to learn and help others but can also take on a project independently and be just fine. Our team supports each other and understands not everyone is the same – some of us are great at CI/CD development, some of us are wizards at SQL, and others just love Plain Old Ruby – meaning although we expect you to work the full-stack, we also understand if you prefer to work in one area more than another.

This position has quite a large pay range. We will evaluate throughout the recruiting process where we see you best falling in that range. If you meet just the minimum requirements, you’ll likely fall on the lower end. If you meet minimum plus some preferred, you’ll be more in the middle. If you’re a candidate who can pretty much check every box, you’ll find yourself at the higher end of this scale.

How to Apply:
Please apply through the link below. It’s a coding job, so showing us some code would be helpful. Preferably a flavor of Ruby or Javascript, but anything for now will do. We like to see where your passion lies so these could be side projects, big or small.

What’s in a title?
Here at Two Barrels we don’t take titles very seriously. We know for recruiting purposes we need to call our jobs something, so we started with labeling and differentiating them in a fairly traditional way with “junior, mid, senior”. However, we’ve realized that was putting our employees in a box and wasn’t allowing us to uniquely identify their individual contributions, strengths and professional goals. Once you join our team the titles kinda get dropped as we expect everyone to work with everyone regardless of title or experience. We have taken the approach of evaluating candidates and employees on a “level” basis. It makes it a little easier internally to talk about growing into the next level without there being this huge chasm between what it means to be a Junior Engineer vs. a Mid Engineer. Our levels have expectations set for each one and it’s the responsibility of the manager and employee to make sure there is alignment. We do this through quarterly conversations where we discuss employee progression, if the work is challenging, and to ensure they feel fairly compensated for their work and expertise. Basically, levels gives us more flexibility to help people grow in their careers. But sure, you can post your title on LinkedIn as what makes sense to the rest of the world.

Remote | Spokane – Austin – SLC |

Full Time

$90,000 - $140,000/year DOE

  • Be a good human
  • Develop Software with Ruby, Javascript, and willing to learn and help out with our AWS infrastructure
  • Learn Ruby and Rails
  • Help us consistently release high-end software
  • Contribute with bugs, and smaller parts of large projects
  • Help design and build high traffic applications in Ruby on Rails
  • Help peel off monolith Plain Old Ruby code into well-organized Ruby on Rails code
  • Help design and build novel systems from scratch
  • Have a Growth Mindset, not a Fixed Mindset

Minimum Qualifications:
  • BS in Computer Science or relevant experience
  • 2-4 years professional experience with full stack application development
  • 2+ years experience with front-end web development, HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Experience with Vue, Angular or React
  • 2+ years experience with another web frameworks like Rails, Laravel, Django, Express, Ember, Backbone etc
  • Exposure to cloud infrastructure and relational databases in production environment
  • Experience with CI/CD, Docker, or similar tools
  • You bring some weird or quirky new aspect of living and humanity to our workforce

Preferred Qualifications:
  • Experience being project/tech lead as well as mentoring other engineers
  • 4-5 years experience with designing, building, and maintaining Web application, preferably the front-end and back-end
  • 2-3 years experience with Vue, Angular or React
  • Experience building, scaling, and optimizing cloud infrastructure and relational databases in production environment. Preferably with AWS: ECS, EC2, ECR, S3, RDS and Route53
  • 2+ years experience with CI/CD, Docker, or similar tools
  • Able to work in an agile environment with a focus on continuous integration and continuous development
  • Strong grasp of security principles and how they apply to e-commerce applications
  • Parrot whisperer

Why you might like this job:
  • You’ve been working for a massive corporation and don’t want to anymore
  • You don’t want to go work at a startup where you might lose your job any day
  • You’ve dabbled in Ruby and loved it
  • You want to work with people that truly dig making cool stuff
  • You work at one of the other employers in Spokane that hire a lot of coders, and you’re tired of your company getting sold, and the only thing your owners care about is selling their shares to the next person for a profit
  • Quarterly alignments conversations to talk career path, job satisfaction and wage
  • Company Issued Equipment


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