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Posted on January 24th

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We are searching for a Full-Stack Ruby on Rails Developer who will be responsible for the architecting (and implementing) sections/subsections under the supervision of a Craftsman (technical/project lead). You will also follow existing patterns and develop new patterns with the help of a Craftsman to avoid introducing complexity for technical tasks. 

As a Full-Stack Ruby on Rails Developer, you’ll work within various teams to apply your craft to software we are delivering for our clients and our own internal products. You’ll have the opportunity to breakdown hard problems and desire to deliver iterative solutions.

Key characteristics of the ideal Full-Stack Ruby on Rails Developer are:

Skilled Developer –​ Demonstrable excellence in full-stack development best practices; Cares about the overall result with a focus on building lean and well-tested features that drive business value.

Collaboration –​ Skilled with code reviews. Uses guiding questions and offers helpful suggestions and knows when to escalate to sync review or pair refactoring. A desire to level people up and share learned knowledge. Desire to work with customers directly on crafting solutions that provide value.

Craftsmanship–​ Applying skill ​with a desire to get big things right, knowing what details matter and when to apply them. Leverages Object Oriented design and Test Driven Development to limit unnecessary complexity

Self-Starter/Learner –​ Understands the needs of a given project and follows through without prodding or excessive oversight. (Balanced with judgment and knowing when and how to ask for assistance and counsel).


You may be an ideal candidate if:
  • You desire to keep learning and continually improving by staying on top of best practices in the software industry, using those gifts and talents to serve businesses
  • You balance “shiny new things” with using proven early adopter technologies (“crossing the chasm”)
  • You want to grow in your leadership and mentoring skills and see that as way to enable further effectiveness and value to the team and our customers
  • Seek the simplest solutions to problems in order to produce clean code and quick feedback from customers
  • Humility is a trait you hope to be known for. You know, a “not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others” sort of mentality. (but you’re also awesome, which of course we want you to be)
  • You are self-motivated, able to work both independently and in close partnership with other team members, and eager to learn
  • Your work demonstrates experience as a full-stack developer; You can share details of how you crafted, lead and shaped the development patterns for your projects
  • You’re passionate about the details and will work to make the execution of detailed work repeatable and learnable within the team
  • Experienced working with both designers and skilled developers, in a customer focused and agile work environment. We collaborate on nearly every detail and will want to work with you if you enjoy working in a team-first company culture
  • You’re excited by the prospect of growing with a dynamic company focused on software craftsmanship and serving its business clients
  • You want to work in our office in Holly Springs, NC; Remote (US) also considered for the ideal candidate
  • See the front-end as an integral part of development and want to integrate with the whole development team and improve the development experience (DX) of building polished frontend solutions


Opportunity Overview
  • Dynamic, growing software development consultancy looking for a capable Full-Stack Ruby on Rails Developer, with the potential to grow into a Craftsman (project lead) as the company expands
  • Reporting to and working closely with the project Craftsman (tech lead) to conceptualize, craft and maintain our custom software systems for our clients
  • On-site at our Holly Springs, NC office, remote (US) considered for the ideal candidate
  • Casual work environment (including work from home opportunities for Holly Springs staff)
  • Full time, flexible hours, Monday through Friday (your personal life is important and we want to honor that)

  • 4+ years of experience delivering full-stack Ruby on Rails projects to production and supporting them
  • 2+ years of experience with modern JavaScript (ES6+) and component based JavaScript frameworks (e.g. React, Stimulus.js)
  • Demonstrable skill in TDD. More than just a believer in automated tests. Uses testing to drive toward a simpler, more composable design.
  • Experienced in applying XP practices (pair programming, code reviews, etc) in an agile way
  • Experience working in a software consultancy or product company
  • Good collaborator, in keeping with our core values. Familiar with remote pairing tools 
  • Excellent communication skills (verbal, written, visual)
  • Experience building responsive web applications
  • Enjoys collaborating closely with designers to enhance our product capabilities and push for excellence in the implementation of our designs
  • Flexible, and adaptable, with strong organizational and analytical skills

  • Monday through Friday work week, flexible hours - mostly daytime
  • 401K with company contribution
  • Quarterly/annual profit sharing bonuses
  • Tools/Professional Development accounts with monthly deposits
  • Group rates for dental/vision/life insurance (non-subsidized)
  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA) with company match
  • Preventative Care Insurance ​​Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC)
  • Fully subsidized Long Term Disability
  • Flexible Time Off (FTO)
  • Company culture based on work/life balance

Company Overview

We create custom software for our customers, tailored to their business needs, by collaborating with them. We hire people who want to live out our core values of Character, Craftsmanship, and Collaboration. We offer you the opportunity to help shape and refine the products we develop at our growing company. 

For more information, see RoleModelSoftware.com.

The Mission – Why We Exist
To glorify God through service to business innovators and colleagues as we craft sustainable software systems.

Our Values – How We Will Accomplish This Mission
Our Core Values are the tools we use and the behaviors we exhibit as employees of RoleModel Software.

Who you are when nobody’s looking
We seek to emulate the perfect model of character, Jesus Christ. (Philippians 2) This includes always speaking the truth in love, and practicing servant leadership.

Skill and quality of design of work in a particular craft
We deliver superior results as a highly collaborative team. We cultivate personal and professional growth by working together. (Ecclesiastes 4:9-10)

Working together to craft outcomes better than we can individually
A major key to success is working together as a team from beginning to end, which results in the perfect product for our customer. The collaboration should be as much external with the customers as internal with each other, so we always meet or exceed expectations.

Process of Candidacy

If after reading this Candidate Profile you sense the gifts and experiences you possess are a good initial match, we invite you to share your interest with us. You may contact us at any stage of the process to get more information and to ask questions.

Submit the following information to careers@rolemodelsoftware.com, with the subject line ​“RoleModel's Next Full-Stack Ruby on Rails Developer”

In your email, provide the following documents and responses for review:
  • A current resume
  • Responses to the following questions:
    1. What equipment and tools do you prefer to use when you’re developing software?
    2. What experience do you have with Test Driven Development (TDD) and Object Oriented (OO) programming?
    3. What attracts you to RoleModel?
    4. What is your experience with Ruby on Rails and Object Oriented JavaScript?
    5. What is your experience with a collaborative agile development process?

The search will be conducted in a thoughtful, thorough, and consistent manner, with a conscious effort to preserve the confidentiality of all candidates. We are committed to offering each potential candidate the same consideration throughout the process.

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