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Posted on June 23rd

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Rivermatrix is seeking a Software Engineer in Chantilly, VA to be part of a small team that enhances and supports the Sponsor’s premier web-based application.  The Contractor shall support a mission-critical production application that provides information for policy makers throughout the Sponsor’s organization and all affiliated organizations.  All development will be performed on a fully scalable, completely automated AWS platform.  The technology stack includes modern versions of Ruby on Rails, Linux, MySQL, Elasticsearch, Vue, and Twitter Bootstrap.The Contractor shall provide development engineering to the project for client use with the aim of optimizing operational efficiency.  To do this, the Contractor shall maintain a strong awareness of technical trends in information technology, and develop and maintain an awareness of on-going IT projects and requirements.  Additionally, the Contractor shall provide analysis, design, development, deployment, and lifecycle support for innovative applications.
  • Demonstrated experience in an Agile team environment.

  • Demonstrated Ruby on Rails software development experience including automated testing.

  • Demonstrated experience collaborating with customers to refine requirements and provide user solutions.

  • Demonstrated Linux development experience with standard tool compilation and build processes.

  • Demonstrated experience with the Capistrano deployment tool within the customer space.

  • Demonstrated experience with AWS technologies, particularly CloudFormation and CloudWatch.

  • Demonstrated experience autoscaling EC2 production instances based on variable user traffic.

  • Demonstrated experience with database query languages and systems such as MySQL and RDS.

  • Demonstrated experience configuring and deploying Elasticsearch and Kibana.

Desired Requirements:
Demonstrated experience integrating accessibility standards into modern web methods.
JavaScript development experience, particularly Vue and jQuery.
Experience with front-end design toolkits such as Twitter Bootstrap.
Demonstrated experience with version control, including Git.
Rivermatrix is a small, technology first shop committed to delivering great work and treating our folks well. Joining Rivermatrix means being a valued member of a small team, not just a number lost in a crowd. We approach our work with creativity, mission-focus, and a passion for quality and results. Rivermatrix is built lean so we can drive resources towards what counts; our employees. We believe that the quality of our staff, focus on building good technology (not just the bottom line), competitive salaries, great benefits, and employee investment are the foundation for our continued success. 
Rivermatrix Values:
There are no shareholders or investment firms to report to. Our sole focus is building good technology. 
Our employees are our lifeblood. Their hard work and ingenuity are what drives our success. 
We eschew the "butts in seats" mentality present in our industry to focus on building good technology as the driver of our growth. 

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