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Posted on September 23rd

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Founded in 2007, Quimbee is one of the most widely used e-learning platforms for law students and attorneys in the United States. Quimbee has a massive digital library of content designed to help law students and attorneys succeed, every step of the way. We're looking to expand our team of talented professionals.

Since 2007, Quimbee has helped over 500,000 law students and attorneys achieve academic and professional success.

As our site has grown, so has our need for exceptional designers and developers. We have had the privilege of working with some outstanding dev shops in the past, but we’ve moved on to building our own full-time dev team since 2014. With our application growing in size, usage, and complexity, we’re looking to welcome a new versatile, experienced developer to the team. That’s where you come in.

This position is 100% remote.

What You’ll Do
Develop new features for our product, working with our content and other creative teams. Watch our infrastructure and investigate reported issues (everyone joins in on the fun.) You’ll join a small tech team, so your voice will be heard when we need to make new technical decisions as our product grows. We expect you to go beyond coding to give input on the product roadmap, design, and architecture.

Who You Are
You must be a senior developer. Technically, we’re mostly interested in your recent Ruby on Rails and general web-development experience at all levels of the stack, from Angular (or similar) front-end apps, to dealing with search engines, DB query tuning, and everything in between, but we’d expect you to have worked with other languages/frameworks during your career. 

  • A versatile engineer. You know what you don’t know and feel comfortable learning new skills. You’re not ashamed of recognizing mistakes, and you take measures to avoid falling again.
  • A team player. Working remotely doesn’t mean you’re going to work alone. We share code ownership as much as possible. You’ll have to fix other people’s code as much as other teammates will be fixing yours.
  • A full-stack developer. You have lots of experience building Rails applications, and you’re also very comfortable writing front-end code (HTML/CSS/JS).
  • A minimalist. You believe a new feature should be built only when the evidence supports it. You’re willing to push back when you believe this rule is being ignored or violated.
  • A great communicator. You communicate your ideas, feedback, and criticism thoroughly, clearly, and courteously. You believe there’s no such thing as over-explaining or over-clarifying because that’s how miscommunication is avoided.

  • 3+ years experience in Ruby on Rails development
  • B.S. in computer science or a closely related field
  • HTML5, CSS, JS fluency
  • Know how the web works under the hood. TCP, HTTP, DNS, IP, caches, etc.
  • Experience in a front-end framework like Ember, Angular, React or Elm
  • Experience writing tests and refactoring. We use Rspec and Capybara.
  • Comfortable with Git and version-control. Experience solving complex merging conflicts.
  • Strong knowledge of SQL in general and PostgreSQL in particular
Bonus Points for experience with:
  • Bootstrap
  • Hosting apps in Heroku, monitoring, and scaling them up/down
  • Implementing a custom Ruby CMS
  • Implementing a SaaS application or experience with subscription-based businesses generally
  • Implementing user-visible dashboards, graphing data, and showing stats/analytics in general

What We Offer:
  • Salary range: $90,000-$160,000 annually, commensurate with education and experience.
  • Profit share. We set aside a percentage of profits each year and then pay them out across the team.
  • Group health insurance, dental, vision, life, and disability coverage for US-based employees.
  • 401k matching up to 4% (100% matching up to 3% and 50% between 3% and 5%).
  • Unlimited paid time off. Our philosophy is that if you feel you need time off (for example, because of overwork, sickness, personal matters, etc.), we're not going to question that. We just ask that you don't abuse it and that you give us at least two weeks' notice if you plan to be away.

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