Software Engineer - Ruby (Junior/Mid-level/Senior)

At Kunai
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  • Full Remote

Posted on June 6th

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Kunai is a fast-growing digital agency of 80+ people specializing in fintech. Ours is a fully remote team driven by innovation and experimentation, spread across almost every single continent. Over the past decade, we've shipped over 150 products for clients that include Visa, the United Nations, Wells Fargo, Ernst & Young, and TOMS Shoes. Our founders built a previous agency (Monsoon) that was acquired by Capital One in 2015. We focus our teams on outcomes that will grow the business and serve the needs of our customers.

As a Software Engineer, you'll delight developers like yourself by extending our client's own API and documentation to include new capabilities and products.

You'll make other developers' jobs easier by putting yourself in their shoes and building the product you wish you had in your last job.

You'll openly debate solutions with your colleagues, document the decision-making process, and take care to grow the system while controlling complexity.

As an early employee on this project, you'll be entrusted to steward your work for further improvements by our future team members.

At the Senior Level, you’ll work closely with senior leadership to chart a course for sustainable architecture that optimizes developer happiness, and evolve patterns that meaningfully impact our project growth.

An Ideal Candidate (Junior/Mid)
  • Demonstrates capability with Ruby on Rails
  • Has 2+ years of Software Engineering experience outside of a classroom setting
  • Shows interest or experience in personal finance and/or fintech
  • Embraces asynchronous communication and takes initiative in a remote-first environment

An Ideal Candidate (Senior Level)
  • Demonstrates experience shipping production services with Ruby on Rails, with 4+ years of professional Software Engineering experience
  • Is familiar with other parts of our stack (GraphQL, Sidekiq, Postgres, NextJS, React)
  • Leads by example in asynchronous communication and thrives in a remote-first environment
  • Shows interest or experience in personal finance and/or fintech

Responsibilities and Opportunities
  • Develop integrations with external products using Ruby On Rails
  • Design and implement GraphQL based APIs
  • Unblock yourself by contributing and prototyping on the front end or other areas
  • Proactively request and provide help and feedback on git pull requests
  • Draft client-facing guides and document your work
  • Recruit and interview other engineers
  • Contribute to product strategy and roadmaps at our biannual off-sites
  • Write shaping pitches to refine plans and features

At the Senior level: Share your expertise with other members of team in the pursuit of continuous improvement and pair with junior engineers to deliver on major company initiatives

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