Senior Software Engineer, Service Tech

At Ironsource
  • Full Time
  • Employee

Posted on November 10th

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We are responsible for the customer service data and the backend systems that enable our help center workflow. A big part of our work revolves around building enhancements to reduce inbound customer support tickets and increasing the productivity of help center agents.

  • Architect and implement robust, well-tested services for a delightful customer support journey.
  • Promote software engineering best practices via code reviews, building tools, and documentation.
  • Work with product managers and business operations teams to own your solution from development to production.

  • Familiarity with Ruby on Rails, AWS (SQS, RDS), BigQuery, SFDC or similar technologies.
  • Familiarity with distributed systems.
  • Good command over computer engineering principles.
  • Experience working with SQL.
  • Experience working with REST API.
  • Good testing and integration practices.
  • Experience with AGILE software development practices.
  • 3+ years of experience in a software development role.

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