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Posted on November 8th

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Experience Level: At least 2-4ish years of professional software development (this probably isn’t your first software job). At the maximum, you used to hang out with Ada Lovelace (and know about time travel?).

Location: We are a remote-first company, but you must be in the United States (for contractual reasons), and we currently have team members in the Eastern or Central timezones. We do standup at 9 AM Eastern. Pre-pandemic, we got together every few months in Virginia. We hope to do that again in the future because we sometimes sort of like hanging out with each other as, you know, people.

Technology Basics: We use Vue, transitioning away from AngularJS, with a Rails backend. If you know React, Angular*, Vue, or just Javascript, you’ll be fine on the front-end. If you’ve used pretty much anything on the backend, you’ll likely be able to learn Ruby/Rails quickly enough.

How to Apply: Ideally, read the rest of this first, then email the normal things you’d email when applying for a job to careers U+0040 dorsata.com. (Test 1: translate that UTF-8 code to the right thing. This is just spam-bot avoidance.)

Details About This Job
We’re looking for a versatile, full-stack engineer to help develop the Dorsata Prenatal Record and other products in women's health. Maybe you know the front-end a little better than the back-end or vice-versa, but you’re comfortable enough with both and confident enough to learn what you don't know.

The Dorsata Prenatal Record is a product which obstetricians and gynecologists (ob/gyns) use to help manage pregnancy episodes. Technically, we are an electronic medical record (EMR or EHR), and we sit on top of general-purpose electronic medical record. EMRs have a bad name because they’re clunky; we work hard to make thoughtful user experiences. Please don’t ask your healthcare provider about EMRs before they treat you; you likely won’t get a happy response. We strive to do better.

Episodic care (pregnancies in our case) are a complex area of medicine. There are many visits in a short period of time and many topics to work through in each visit. We help providers and office staff to do the right thing efficiently but without getting in their way.

We also measure clinical outcomes in order to help providers make the connection between the care given during a pregnancy and the result of that pregnancy. This also gives us access to a great dataset that we are able to use in something called “real world evidence.” We are able to answer questions like “how do things like medications and vaccines impact pregnant women in the real world?” that others don’t have the data to answer.

Most Importantly, Details About You
Ideally, you are a multitalented wunderkind who runs circles around each of the below bullet points, but let’s be real: while some of these are must-have, many are wish-list.  We may have gotten a bit carried away with these, so if feel your unique combination of skills is close-ish to the mark, don’t hesitate to reach out. In fact, do so enthusiastically.

  • …you’re a software craftsperson with a roll-up-your-sleeves mentality — there’s a lot of thoughtful, nuanced, nitty gritty work to get done.
  • … you have “X years of experience” Pshaw. We aren’t big on formal requirements in the credentials department; rather, we want to hear of see what you’ve worked on. Tell us about a project you’re proud of that you shipped, and we’ll start the conversation from there. But let’s not kid ourselves — you should absolutely come without training wheels (though streamers on your bike might be cool).
  • … you are comfortable shifting gears between front-end Javascript and back-end Ruby on Rails when you need to… We have some folks who are stronger on the front end and some folks who are stronger on the back end. Our ideal is someone who has great design sensibilities and a firm grasp of HTML5 / CSS / SASS / ui toolkits like bootstrap, but also can talk about and implement good APIs to talk to the front end and also write code to connect to other APIs from our backend.
  • …you are able to design, architect, and implement solutions that reflect your particular problem-solving approach. At the same time, you can articulate and discuss your rationale while working with others on the team to refine and improve the final approach.
  • … you have solid Javascript, ideally Vue and AngularJS, front-end development chops. But, because you love javascript frameworks in general, you’ve played around with — and probably are opinionated about — other frameworks like React or Angular (not AngularJS).
  • … you have solid Ruby on Rails development chops.  Or, because you love software development in general, you’re not worried about picking it up because you have other back-end experience that translates.
  • … you have an admirable understanding of the principles behind a good* RESTful API design. (*But also know enough to not let perfect get in the way of the good)
  • … you’re comfortable/knowledgeable with git. CI experience is a bonus, but not required.
  • … you’ve worked at startups before or have always been looking for an excuse to.
  • … you work well in a loosely structured PM/Managerial environment (we’re agile with a “little a”)
As the newest member our product team, you’ll be an integral part of every aspect of our business strategy, dev roadmap, technology architecture decisions, and, undoubtedly, will wear a lot of hats.

Us + You?
Ones of these hats — in addition to your techie/design hats — will almost certainly be the Customer Hat. At Dorsata, we are fervent (rabidly obsessive, really) believers in frequent, high-touch interactions with our involved, loyal customer base, who drives our roadmap.  While it doesn’t happen every day, our developers do have opportunities (and should be able to!) have direct customer interaction. In fact, as part of our onboarding, we try to get our employees to visit practices and see how Dorsata works .

Obligatory message that recruiters won’t read, but it is here anyway:  If you’re a third-party recruiter who is looking to send us resumes, please don’t. Pretty please.

How We Interview & Hire
Like many of the other startups you are currently perusing on angellist/hired/vettery/reddit/linkedIn/etc., our interview process looks like this:
  • An intro call to help you learn more about the role, for us to hear more about you, and to help the two of us decide if Dorsata is a mutual fit.
  • If we move forward, a second call with another member of the team to get another take and answer any questions you thought of after that first call.
  • If (ah, nested if blocks!) we move forward, the next step will be a more in depth call with us that dives into some problem solving about healthcare (no prior knowledge required). Based on that problem solving exercise, we do a quick real-world based coding test to make sure you actually do know Vue (or React or AngularX or know the difference between Java and Javascript) / what a computer is.
  • At no point is laughing at the VP of Engineering’s jokes a requirement (or we would hire nobody, ever).
  • Last step in the hiring process: We’re small, so we also like to have people talk to our CEO.

To start: email careers U+0040 dorsata.com.

Benefits / Perks / Comp
  • Health insurance (100% covered for the employee!)
  • Dental insurance
  • Market salary + equity participation opportunity
  • We are remote first, though we may soon have some space in Charlottesville, VA. If you like, go for an occasional stints in Antarctica, though we operate on the East Coast timezone and (post-pandemic) try to get together from time to time. Also, Antartica is cold. Maybe don’t do that.
  • Fun, friendly & delightfully BS-free work environment

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