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In Praise of the Current Pattern

Matthew • December 15, 2022

The "current pattern" or "current context" is a technique that allows you to access some per-request data easily without having to explicitly pass it around everywhere. Recent versions of Rails offer explicit support for it. The current pattern, used judiciously, will help clean up your code and make your life swell!


July 2022 Ruby Programmer Salary Report

Matthew • August 9, 2022

Graph of median Ruby programmer salary range for July 2022

Howdy, Friends! This is our inaugural Ruby Programmer salary report. I hope you'll find this informative if you're looking for info on Ruby salaries (and Ruby on Rails salaries).


Six Amazing Ways to Create Enumerated Types in Rails and Postgres

Matthew • July 13, 2022

A line drawing of a smiley face holding up six fingers next to a computer monitor that's displaying the word "enum".

Join me, friend, as I fall all the way down the rabbit hole exploring all the ways you can implement an enumerated type in Rails, depending on your version of Rails, the capabilities of your database, and your requirements and tastes!

Including some surprise functionality from Rails 7 that I didn't know existed!


Rails Email Setup for Development, Staging, and Production

Matthew • March 9, 2022

An emoji face thinking about configuring Action Mailer

I've always found setting up email for a Rails app to be kind of a pain. You need to update a lot of files, you need to figure out how to look at sent emails, and you need to make sure you don't end up sending test emails to the world! This article describes what's become my default strategy for configuring email in Rails so that it's easy to work with email!


Oh, Canada! 🇨🇦

Matthew • August 24, 2021

Ruby Job Board now lists Remote, US-based, and Canada-based Ruby on Rails jobs!


Stack Overflow’s 2021 Developer Survey and Ruby

Matthew • August 12, 2021

Stack Overflow has just released its annual Developer Survey for 2021. Since it contains some numbers relating to Ruby, and graphing software and blogging software exist, I figured I’d graph those numbers and blog about them.


It Depends

Matthew • April 20, 2021

As I start thought-leadering publicly and consider the subjects on which I might opine, I keep coming back to the phrase "it depends." By which I mean, "context matters."


Hello, Friends

Matthew • March 14, 2021

The difficult first blog post in which I say hello.